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“Greek- Italian Studies: History, Literature, Classical Tradition”

In 2009 the Department of Italian Language and Literature initiated a Postgraduate Program of Study under the title “Greek-Roman – Greek-Italian Studies: Literature, History and Civilization”. The program has been reformed in 2018 (University Senate approval no. 745/8-6-2018) and is currently offered under the title “Greek- Italian Studies: History, Literature, Classical Tradition”. The aim of the Postgraduate Program is to provide specialized academic instruction and to encourage scientific research in the fields of Greek-Italian and Greek-Roman studies. Successful completion of the program’s requirements leads to a Master of Arts degree (M.A.) in “Greek- Italian Studies: History, Literature, Classical Tradition”. The Postgraduate Program of Study is offered tuition-free.

The program requires three semesters of graduate coursework. Each semester the student is required to register for three courses from the list of offered courses. A fourth semester is dedicated to research and writing of the M.A. Thesis. The Thesis proposal, co-signed by a supervising faculty member, has to be submitted to the Postgraduate Thesis Committee. The Thesis must be written in Greek. It may be written also in Italian upon the recommendation of the Supervisor and upon approval by the Postgraduate Thesis Committee.